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J.D. WELSH FINE ART by Jeremiah D. Welsh, N.S.S. - Professional Low Relief Sculptor
 J.D. WELSH FINE ART by Jeremiah D. Welsh, N.S.S. - Professional Low Relief Sculptor

- J.D. WELSH FINE ART - Pursuing Excellence in Low Relief  ** Bas Relief Sculpture ** Fine Art Low Relief  ** Architectural Sculpture - Commissions Welcome  ** Jeremiah is currently seeking Gallery Representation in North America and Europe **

For the past nineteen years fine artist Jeremiah Welsh has undertaken the full-time pursuit of mastery in and exploration of low relief sculpture. Fifteen of those years were spent as a sculptor for an international bronze foundry, generating originals for architectural applications. Jeremiah has also had the pleasure of exhibiting his personal work within the United States and Japan - completing his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in January 2014. In 2016 Jeremiah was elected to the National Sculpture Society and was awarded the Pietro and Alfrieda Montana Memorial Prize for "outstanding work either carved or cast."

ARTIST'S STATEMENT: "Tending towards the elemental and organic, my work often centers upon confrontation, struggle and passage. Whether this is direct or suggestive, polarized images and ideas provoke and inspire me. In search of such, I find that I am most often drawn to the natural world & more specifically, environments that dynamically manifest the rigors of existence and the passage of time."

Lisa Gibson Art
Lisa Gibson Art

Lisa is a multi-media painter who focuses on floral paintings that are parallels of our life experiences. Bringing Joy and a New Focus through her work is her passion. 

phone: 406-465-8348


Lincoln, Montana, USA

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