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Abstract artist Richard Shipley
Abstract artist Richard Shipley

Born in 1973, Richard Shipley hails originally from York, where he became a prolific teenage graffiti artist; now residing in the South West, Richard's art work has organically evolved into a purely abstract aesthetic, which features in popular culture, private collections and High Art exhibitions across the globe. 

By embracing the infinite depths and textures of a non-objective and abstracted style, Richard Shipley delves deep within the human psyche where he captures and conveys stolen moments of the emotive experience.

His work immerses the viewer in a conceptual yet soulful representation of the human condition, and subtly invokes whispers of vulnerability and fear.

The canvases are formed through the dynamic layering of ink, aerosol, oil and emulsion, which traverse a labyrinthine expanse of projection and consciousness; and whilst hosting such an authentic and beguiling aesthetic, the viewer becomes engulfed within an assiduous approach to sacred geometry and visual composition.

With an inspired acknowledgment of such pioneers as Boccioni and Lowry, Richard Shipley manifests both depth of movement and emotive expression whilst retaining a crafted economy of rich simplicity.

Aisha Abdelhamid Fine Art
Art of Lita Kelley
Art of Lita Kelley

Museum quality fine art prints of modern, contemporary Buddhist art and other subjects by artist Lita Kelley, available on stretched canvas and other fine materials. 

phone: 978-473-4602


Beverly, Massachusetts, USA




OIL на хартия

100/70 / 0.3 CM

Цена: 15 000 евро


ART проек "АКТ" 2


OIL на хартиен носител;


100/70 / 0.03 cm

Цена: 5 000 евро

Fine Art by Andy Thomas
Fine Art by Andy Thomas

ny call Andy Thomas the 'Storyteller' and if you've ever seen his work you might agree. He tells many stories with his action filled western art and he is bringing the cowboys back to life. Andy paints a variety of subjects such as, western, political and historical being top choices. His primary medium is oil painting, but he has mastered other mediums as well like, watercolors, pen/pencil sketches, and he has even created sculptures. You never know what Andy will present you with next.

Monika Krist
Monika Krist

phone: +3670 774 92 07

Budapest, PEST, Hungary

Yasmine Art Gallery
Yasmine Art Gallery

Oil paintings for sale at affordable prices. Still life, landscapes and oriental style portraits and paintings. Egyptian prints are also available.  

Free shipping and free frame with almost every painting.

Free repair and maintenance for a whole year for free. 


phone: 310-818-6009

Los Angeles, California, USA

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