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J.D. WELSH FINE ART by Jeremiah D. Welsh, N.S.S. - Professional Low Relief Sculptor
 J.D. WELSH FINE ART by Jeremiah D. Welsh, N.S.S. - Professional Low Relief Sculptor

- J.D. WELSH FINE ART - Pursuing Excellence in Low Relief  ** Bas Relief Sculpture ** Fine Art Low Relief  ** Architectural Sculpture - Commissions Welcome  ** Jeremiah is currently seeking Gallery Representation in North America and Europe **

For the past nineteen years fine artist Jeremiah Welsh has undertaken the full-time pursuit of mastery in and exploration of low relief sculpture. Fifteen of those years were spent as a sculptor for an international bronze foundry, generating originals for architectural applications. Jeremiah has also had the pleasure of exhibiting his personal work within the United States and Japan - completing his first solo exhibition in Tokyo in January 2014. In 2016 Jeremiah was elected to the National Sculpture Society and was awarded the Pietro and Alfrieda Montana Memorial Prize for "outstanding work either carved or cast."

ARTIST'S STATEMENT: "Tending towards the elemental and organic, my work often centers upon confrontation, struggle and passage. Whether this is direct or suggestive, polarized images and ideas provoke and inspire me. In search of such, I find that I am most often drawn to the natural world & more specifically, environments that dynamically manifest the rigors of existence and the passage of time."

Tamal Sen Sharma ( Indian Abstract Artist )
 Tamal Sen Sharma ( Indian Abstract Artist )

Indian Abstract painter. Most welcome to visit the site. So many paintings created by him displayed here.

Abstract artist Richard Shipley
Abstract artist Richard Shipley

Born in 1973, Richard Shipley hails originally from York, where he became a prolific teenage graffiti artist; now residing in the South West, Richard's art work has organically evolved into a purely abstract aesthetic, which features in popular culture, private collections and High Art exhibitions across the globe. 

By embracing the infinite depths and textures of a non-objective and abstracted style, Richard Shipley delves deep within the human psyche where he captures and conveys stolen moments of the emotive experience.

His work immerses the viewer in a conceptual yet soulful representation of the human condition, and subtly invokes whispers of vulnerability and fear.

The canvases are formed through the dynamic layering of ink, aerosol, oil and emulsion, which traverse a labyrinthine expanse of projection and consciousness; and whilst hosting such an authentic and beguiling aesthetic, the viewer becomes engulfed within an assiduous approach to sacred geometry and visual composition.

With an inspired acknowledgment of such pioneers as Boccioni and Lowry, Richard Shipley manifests both depth of movement and emotive expression whilst retaining a crafted economy of rich simplicity.

Aisha Abdelhamid Fine Art
Arabian Princess
Arabian Princess

A beautiful portrait of an Arabian lady. Print on canvas.  

Art of Lita Kelley
Art of Lita Kelley

Museum quality fine art prints of modern, contemporary Buddhist art and other subjects by artist Lita Kelley, available on stretched canvas and other fine materials. 

phone: 978-473-4602


Beverly, Massachusetts, USA




OIL на хартия

100/70 / 0.3 CM

Цена: 15 000 евро






Burrell Fine Arts by Nicole Burrell
Burrell Fine Arts by Nicole Burrell

My name is Nicole Burrell, a self-taught versatile fine artist that sellls drawings, paintings, crafts, and more. Most of my art is also sold framed, on canvas, metal, acrylic paint, on i phone cases, galaxy phone cases, greeting cards, and prints. I sell original art works as well at affordable prices. I also do freelance work and take custom orders in my expertise of work. My art is made for homes, indoor and outdoor businesses, and I even create art for all ages including children. My Fine art brings rooms to life with so much creativeness and it will never leave any room looking boring.

Chris Irwin
Chris Irwin

phone: 4437910128

2323 covered bridge garth, 21234

parkville, MD, USA

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